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Why spend more on glasses at Metroptical when chains like Walmart Optical offer multiple pairs for less? We hope that this history of the optical industry over the last two decades illustrates why specialists like Metroptical are so vital for long-term eye health and satisfaction. 


20 years ago, the optical industry was tightly regulated – only qualified optometrists could provide prescriptions, and licensed opticians could fill them. This ensured expertise, but limited competition. Costs were higher but standards were consistent. 


That model got disrupted when lobbying relaxed regulations, allowing retail chains and online players to sell discounted eyewear. Automation also emerged to rapidly produce prescriptions and lenses. More options at lower costs benefited consumers. However, this came at the cost of declining quality: 

  • Cheap, poorly sized stock lenses are used regardless of fit, making accurate vision correction impossible over time. This causes headaches and worsened eyesight. 
  • Optical centers are misaligned to save money, inducing eye strain. Gradual harm goes unnoticed. 
  • Easy returns mean sellers lack accountability. Consumers unknowingly accept subpar eyewear. 


The deals seem tempting, but hidden costs accumulate from defective vision products. Unfortunately, business ethics don’t always align with best health practices in optics. 


That’s why specialists like Metroptical remain so vital – they steadfastly reject any compromises that undermine quality care. As independent opticians, Eric and Orly’s priority is your visual health, not profit margins. Their commitment to excellence means: 

  • Using only customized lenses optimized for your frames and prescription needs. Stock lenses never cut it. 
  • Precision fabrication and inspection ensure the optical center aligns perfectly with your visual axis.
  • Ongoing staff training on the latest techniques and technology investments. Care is never outdated. 
  • Refusing to cut any corners that could impact the long-term health of your eyes. No shortcuts allowed. 


They also exclusively partner with premier frame brands known for durability, style and strong warranty support. And their team will go above and beyond to save the day if any issues arise – whether it’s repeatedly adjusting frames until fit is perfect or handling warranty claims on your behalf. 


Unlike chains, Metroptical also specializes in complex frame repairs that competitors simply cannot match. Their meticulous expertise keeps cherished glasses in flawless condition for years. 


This dedication to personalized service, clinical quality, and repairs craftsmanship comes at a cost. But consider it an investment in your eye health, vision, and satisfaction long-term. Don’t settle for ill-fitting glasses or lack of dedicated care when your eyesight deserves the utmost attention. 


We hope this provides you a better understanding of how the optical industry is changing. By teaming with specialists like Metroptical, you can ensure that your visual health is our top priority. Our opticians will make sure that all prescription glasses from us are made correctly, and offer additional services such as glasses repairs and frame adjustments. Please contact us if you have any further inquiries!