Time to see the Doctor

It is recommended that adults should get a routine eye exam every 1-2 years. Now, that doesn’t mean that you are only allowed to have an eye exam once a year. If you ever feel that something may be wrong with your eyes, then please get them checked out as soon as possible. 

There are many different reasons to come in for an eye exam, but here are some of the most common reasons for visiting the optometrist. For example, if your eyes are dry, and feeling uncomfortable, then you should definitely book an exam, because having dry eyes can lead to vision problems and overall health of your eye.

 Another reason may be you feel a strain on your eyes from looking at a digital screen too often. Screens seem to be in almost everybody’s lives now. Whether it be your phones, TV’s, computers, even the dashboards in today’s cars seem to be heading towards becoming fully digital. But constantly looking at these screens seem to be impacting the way we blink. As it turns out, the longer we stare at our screens, the slower we blink, which leads to our eyes not lubricating properly. And when our eyes are not properly lubricated, it can lead to our eyes experiencing dry eye symptoms. 

Sun exposure, as well as allergies, are two other common reasons for eye exams. Making sure you are protecting not just your skin, but also your eyes from UV rays is extremely important. By wearing UV protection sunglasses will help reduce the risk of sun damage to your eyes. If you feel your eyes are being affected by your allergies, the eye doctor will be able to help make sure you aren’t accidentally causing damage to your eyes, and will be able to prescribe medicine that can help manage the symptoms. 

Finally one of the most common reasons to visit your eye doctor is vision correction. If you have never had an eye exam done before, and you notice that you are having trouble focusing on something, be it near or far, you should visit the optometrist. He or she will be able to give you a glasses prescription that will allow you to see clearly. Even if you have already gotten a prescription before, you should still visit the eye doctor every 1-2 years to make sure that the prescription has not changed, and if it has, then you should get the new prescription filled, to make sure you are getting the best vision you possibly can. 

Although it may not seem very important, getting your eyes checked out regularly is. Whether the reason for your visit be dryness, eye strain, sun exposure, allergies, vision correction, or even just for your annual check up, coming in to visit the eye doctor to make sure that your eyes are healthy and you are able to see properly should always be a priority. Be sure to call us at 647-346-3937 or email us at info@metroptical.ca to book your next eye exam. You can also visit us at metroptical.ca for more information.