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When it comes to wearing glasses, most of us assume that the entire lens carries the prescribed correction. However, the truth is that the prescription is located specifically at the optical center of the lens. This often overlooked fact plays a crucial role in ensuring proper vision correction and preventing visual aberrations. In addition to this, it is essential to highlight the importance of checking the prescription from the laboratory before dispensing the glasses to the patient. Metroptical Inc, a trusted eyewear provider, follows ethical practices by thoroughly evaluating every pair of glasses through a 15-point inspection process conducted by licensed and trained opticians.

The optical center of a lens is a specific point that aligns with the wearer’s pupil when the glasses are correctly positioned. It is at this point that the prescribed corrective power is concentrated. To achieve optimal vision, it is crucial that the prescription aligns precisely with the wearer’s pupil, as any deviation can lead to visual aberrations and incorrect prescriptions.

When you visit your optometrist for an eye examination, they determine your prescription, which consists of a combination of numbers indicating the amount of refractive error you have. This prescription must then be accurately measured and placed in front of your pupil by an optician during the lens fitting process. Failing to align the prescription directly above the pupil can result in several problems that can significantly impact your vision and overall eye health.

Misalignment of the optical center and the pupil can cause various visual aberrations and incorrect prescriptions. These issues include prism and distortion, which can lead to blurred or displaced vision. When glasses are improperly made and the prescription is not aligned correctly, individuals can experience discomforting symptoms such as eye strain, headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Ensuring that glasses are made according to the prescribed prescription is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, many places neglect to check the prescription from the laboratory prior to dispensing the glasses to the patient. This results in a significant number of people unknowingly wearing glasses that are improperly made, causing discomfort and potentially worsening their vision problems.

Metroptical stands apart from such unethical practices by maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for incorrectly made glasses. Each pair of glasses at Metroptical undergoes a thorough evaluation by licensed and trained opticians before being delivered to our valued patients. This evaluation includes a comprehensive 15-point inspection process that follows CSA & ANSI North American standards of practice to ensure that the glasses meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

By implementing stringent quality control measures, Metroptical prioritizes the visual well-being of its customers. This commitment to ethical practices ensures that every pair of glasses is carefully examined and aligned with the optical center, providing the intended vision correction and minimizing visual aberrations. 

If glasses do not pass our rigorous 15-point inspection process at Metroptical, we take immediate action to rectify the situation. We understand the importance of providing our valued patients with glasses that meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Therefore, if any issues are identified during the inspection, the glasses are promptly sent back to the optical lens manufacturer laboratory for a remake.

Sending glasses back to the laboratory for a remake allows us to maintain our commitment to excellence in eyewear. We believe in delivering eyeglasses that not only provide optimal vision correction but also offer comfort and clarity. Our opticians closely collaborate with the laboratory to communicate the precise requirements and ensure that the new lenses meet the prescribed prescription and align perfectly with the optical center.

While the optical center plays a crucial role in eyeglass prescriptions, it is equally important to emphasize the significance of checking the prescription from the laboratory before dispensing the glasses to the patient. Improperly made glasses can lead to discomfort, visual aberrations, and even worsen existing vision problems. Metroptical sets a commendable example by conducting a 15-point inspection process for every pair of glasses, ensuring that they are accurately made and aligned with the optical center. By choosing a reputable eyewear provider that upholds ethical practices, you can be confident in the quality and precision of your glasses, ultimately enhancing your visual experience and maintaining good eye health. This is why your best choice for vision care is with us at Metroptical Inc.