Currently we do not offer any refunds or exchanges for online purchases unless deemed “damaged on delivery” as per the Terms and Conditions.

Please read all descriptions carefully and check all pictures, refer to “Colour and Product description” and  “Limitation of supply “ point 4.2 in Terms and Conditions. If you have questions or concerns regarding an item, please e-mail us at before purchasing.

Absolutely NO Online (Web) purchases will be dealt with at our retail location.

Shipping Policy

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information.

Please note: tracking information will be updated online one (1) business day after your order has been shipped.


For orders that are placed within Canada, customers will be charged federal and provincial sales taxes — these depend on which province the order is being shipped to.

If you got charged taxes that do not apply in your province, please e-mail us with your order number so we can refund.


A “postal export” is merchandise that is mailed to another country. Merchandise mailed from Canada abroad is subject to customs export rules

You, the buyer, are responsible for any VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods.

We do not collect this beforehand, and cannot give you an estimate of the cost – charges vary around the world.

As an international consumer, please do your research to ensure there are no surprise charges when clearing your package through customs, and to have an idea of what the additional cost may be. If you are unfamiliar with customs fees and charges, please speak to your local postal or customs office for more information. It is your full responsibility to verify the customs, duties charges, and procedures in your country prior to placing your order.

If customs fees and charges are refused at the time of delivery, your order will be returned and you will not receive a refund for your purchase.

United States

A “postal export” is merchandise that is mailed to another country. Merchandise mailed from Canada to the U.S.A. is subject to customs export rules.

By placing an order with us, you acknowledge that this sale occurs outside the United States, and that you are importing your order for non-commercial (personal) use. You also acknowledge that you will be listed as the importer for US Customs and Border Protection purposes and that your order will be imported into the United States in accordance with the necessary customs requirements.

To simplify this process, your order indicates your agreement to authorize Metroptical Inc to appoint a designated carrier/customs broker, where applicable, as your unpaid agent for customs purposes by executing a power of attorney applicable to a single non-commercial shipment. Your order serves as an electronic signature indicating your agreement to the following, as required by US Customs and Border Protection:

“The designated carrier/customs broker is hereby authorized to execute, as an unpaid agent who has knowledge of the facts, pursuant to the provisions of section 485(f), Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, the consignee’s and owner’s declarations provided for in section 485 (a) and (d), Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, and to enter on my behalf or for my account the goods described in the attached invoice which contains a true and complete statement of the facts concerning the shipment.”

Your authorization permits the carrier/customs broker to file the customs entry on your behalf for any order that is over $2,500 or otherwise requires formal entry.

International Returns

Canadian goods returned for refund or exchange after a commercial sale are exempt from duties and taxes. To effectively identify and facilitate the processing of such items, it’s important that the shipper identify the items as “Canadian Goods Returned” on the CN22/CN23, alongside the merchandise description.