1Prescription Eyewear

Metroptical is proud to use the highest quality manufacturing & quality control practices along with the best lens materials, to ensure our finished products produce optimal visual acuity for your vision needs. We offer lenses from the Today’s leading lens manufacturers.

Trust the expertise of our highly trained in house lab technicians and our partner labs at Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss, and Rodenstock. Metroptical utilizes the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment to ensure your glasses are made to perfection.

Every single lens we receive goes through a comprehensive quality control inspection by our licensed opticians to ensure your glasses meet today’s regulatory & industry standards.

* The video below highlights an example of today fabrication tools and edging equipment that are used to create some of our high quality lenses. (The video features Digital Huvitz Edging System.)

2 Quality Frames at Metroptical

From Queen St styles to Bay St looks, subtle sophistication, or runway couture – at Metroptical, our skilled stylists and Licensed Opticians are trained to help you find the perfect fit!

We source the hottest eyewear trends as well as the handmade vintage quality eyewear of the past.
You’ll always find what your looking for in quality eyewear right here at Metroptical – and always at the right price!

3Glasses for Kids at Metroptical

4Sports Eyewear at Metroptical

5Safety Eyewear at Metroptical