1Prescription Eyewear

Metroptical carries all contact lens brands from the industries leading contact lens providers. Let our Opticians choose a lens that will best suit your needs and life style. Our opticians use their expertise to produce the best fit and comfort for your eyes. They provide the information you require for making the right decision for your contact lens products & eye health.

Disposable Contact Lenses are available in Daily, Bi-weekly and Monthly Replacements as well as custom lenses with replacement regiments from 3 months to a year.

Contact Lenses are available for a multitude of vision needs such as spherical correction, astigmatism correction as well as Multifocal (Bi-focal) Lenses for Presbyopia.

Cosmetic enhancing contact Lenses are available as well.

There are many benefits to ordering your contact lenses at Metroptical:

» Our Opticians are trained & licensed to verify your prescription and modify it (if necessary) to give you more or less power should the current prescription be optically inaccurate.

» Our Licensed Opticians only fit & sell products that been approved by Health Canada. This is not always the case with online suppliers.

» Lenses from overseas may be exposed to large temperature changes in uncontrolled warehouses or transportation vessels. This can affect the integrity of the lenses which can lead to potential eye health issues.

» We only deal with valid suppliers. Overseas distribution channels may have grey market (counterfeit) product. There are no controls to ensure that internet sites only source lenses directly from the manufacturer.

» Replacement and exchange privileges are possible at Metroptical as per our terms and conditions – this is not the case with an online vendor.

By working with your Optician, you can ensure:

» proper contact lens prescription, curvature, and modality based on lifestyle needs, and measurements of your eye curvature, tear chemistry, and prescription.

» appropriate selection of care system based on compatibility with different lens materials and compatibility with your eyes.

» professional monitoring to ensure optimum eye health, good vision, and comfortable wear.

» updates with new lens technology that may better suit your particular vision needs or lifestyle demands.

2Contact Lens Fitting Service at Metroptical

Purchasing contact lenses at Metroptical guarantees peace of mind and professional service. It is important to remember that every contact lens product is unique and designed for a particular purpose. This includes everything from material type, curvature, fit, oxygen permeability, deposit resistance, moisture content and lifespan.

An eyeglass prescription alone does not ensure you will get the appropriate product for your unique eyes. It is important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices that sit directly on your eyes and can cause problems if improperly fit or not monitored. Our Licensed Opticians recommend and fit the correct lenses for your unique vision needs and monitor the health of your eyes on an ongoing basis.

Ask us what makes us different when it comes to purchasing your contact lenses.
We’re sure that you will quickly see the benefit and advantage that Metroptical has to offer.

Contact Lens Services:
Spherical Contact Lens Fitting:

» about 30-35 min consultation
» scheduled follow-up appointments: to monitor CL vision, fit & comfort

Toric Contact Lens Fitting: For Px with Astigmatism

» about 35-45 min consultation
» scheduled follow-up appointments: to monitor CL vision, fit & comfort

Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting: For Px who want to achieve both Near & Far vision.

» about 45-90 min consultation.
» scheduled follow-up appointments: to monitor CL vision, fit & comfort

Contact Lens Education: How to insert/remove lenses & contact lens care.

» proper cleaning procedures
» Contact Lens do’s and don’ts
» about 35-45 min lesson
» Service fee applies